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About Us

Innovation Camp (iCamp) locates at KIC high-tech and Innovation Park in Shanghai YangPu district, with the neighborhood of university area, such as FuDan and TongJi etc. iCamp is the start-up accelerator and incubator with the focus on the internet and mobile application. Given the fast growth and rapid development of Internet, mobile technologies applied in social network and location based service, iCamp intends to provide systematic start-up coaching and incubation to the SoLoMo application projects, which is supported by the experienced coacher and advisor team composed with successful entrepreneurs and professional SMEs. In additional, iCamp will provide the seed funding and follow-on investment supported by its early stage venture capital investment fund : China Startup Republic Fund . It also extends the early investment opportunity for both individual and institutional seed investor with systematic project evaluation and selection.

To entrepreneurs with great idea and ambitious, iCamp will offer you a strong hand at your first step to success.
To the successful and experience entrepreneurs with tons, iCamp will help to bridge you with the young start-up comers.

iCamp Value

To entrepreneurs with great idea and ambitious

- Hands-on mentor coaching by successful entrepreneur

- Seed funding & follow-on investment

- Office space, legal, FN, HR help

- Government relationship to speed up company registration, research and other grand, tax breaks etc.

- Access to very experienced advisor networks

- Advisory on Series A fund raising & exit strategy

To the coaches/mentors

- The fun and excitement of working with young ambitious people

- Access to early investment community and systematic early stage deal flows

- Stock options in mentee companies, and co-investment opportunity at early stage

- Personal branding

iCamp Key Activities

- Case sourcing & branding

- Development & mentoring

- Demo day

- Seed capital and infrastructure support


Jun Li(Founding Partner)

5 start-up co-fonder, (SPLX, CDNS) in US and Japan

Invested and incubated 10+ early stage companies in US, Japan and China

Member of Band of Angels Silicon Valley

Computer Science, Peking University

Andy Wang(Founding Partner)

Co-founder and Managing Director of eBaoTech, a leading insurance software company

Senior consultant from McKensey & Company

MBA, Harvard Business School

Michael Feng(Founding Partner)

Seed investor and CEO, Wan Xue China

Co-founder of 51job.com, listed on Nasdaq

Successful early stage investor in multiple Chinese companies including RenRen

Yong Wang(Founding Partner)


CEO of the Chinese largest mobile SNS-TX.com.cn