Focusing on incubating and investing in early stage internet and AI startups.

  • About us

    Innovation Camp - iCamp was started in 2011 in Shanghai, with a strong belief that mobile internet would completely re-shape the internet landscape. iCamp subsequently incubated and invested in about 70 mobile internet startups in China and Silicon Valley. Some of them grew into unicorns. For example, Musical.ly, was initially incubated by iCamp in Shanghai, it became a dominant short music video platform in the US and many European countries. Musical.ly was acquired by Byte Dance at the end of 2017, and was rebranded as Tik Tok.


    iCamp was founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in starting and building successful companies in internet, education, semiconductor, and financial technology industries.


    iCamp’s recent focus is on AI technology and its applications. iCamp strongly believes that AI is the next big thing, this wave is even bigger than mobile internet, and we are at the early stage of the J Curve. AI will change and disrupt all and every aspects of how people live, work, and entertain.

  • Founding Team



    Founding and Managing Partner

    Michael Feng

    • Invested in over seventy mobile internet and AI startups in China and Silicon Valley. Seed investor in Musical.ly. Also invested in xueda.com, a Nasdaq listed Chinese education company, Meten English, Lumiai Movie Theater Chain, and Renren.com.

    • Co-founder of 51job.com, a Nasdaq listed company, the leading company in online recruiting

    • Bain & Company, consultant


    • BA, Foreign Affairs College

    Founding and Managing Partner

    Andy Wang

    • Invested in over seventy mobile internet and AI startups in China and Silicon Valley. Seed investor in Musical.ly

    • Co-founder of eBaoTech, a global leading player in core insurance software and solutions,

    • McKinsey & Company consultant

    • MBA, Harvard Business School

    • BA, Foreign Affairs College


    Founding and Managing Partner

    Jun Li

    • SV Tech Ventures founding partner, focusing on investing in deep technology startups in Silicon Valley. Invested in over 70 companies in AI, biotech, clean technology, and new materials.

    •Partner of China Rock Fund II, invested in over 50 startups in China and the US

    • iCamp Incubator co-founder, an early mover in internet incubator in China, focusing on cross-border startup opportunities. Successfully incubated Musical.ly, and Ming Yi Zhu Dao

    • 15 years of entrepreneur experience, co-founded five companies in the semiconductor space, including Simplex (a Nasdaq listed company)

    • Main work experience: Cadence Design Systems, the leader in semiconductor design

    • Over 10 patents

    • BS, Beijing University


    Founding Partner

    Ming Qiu

    • Founder, Chairman, Kuntin Group, pioneer and leader in high end industrial park custom design and build, focusing on serving Fortune 500 companies and local industrial leaders.

    • In May of 2017, was awarded ”Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese” by World Chinese Business Leader Foundation.

    • DBA, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

  • Selected Portfolio companies

    We have invested in over 70 mobile internet and AI companies, a selected example of our invested companies include:

    Musical.ly: pioneer and leader in short music video platform, was acquired by Byte Dance at 1 billion dollar valuation in 2017, and rebranded as Tik Tok.

    Orbeus: A pioneer and leader in face recognition technology, acquired by Amazon in 2015.

    Agora: Developed an industry leading global real-time communication framework that serves over 10 billion minutes a month real-time video, audio, and live interactive broadcasting, through it 500 million SDK installs

    Peloton: A Silicon Valley based vehicle automation company, bringing new levels of safety, efficiency, & analytics to freight trucking

    Ginkgo Bioworks: A leading organism company, design custom microbes for customers across multiple markets, through organism engineering using software and hardware automation.

    SXL.CN (strikingly): A free web site building tool, that enable user to quickly build web sites without design and coding skills.

    Mattermost: Open source, private cloud alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging solutions like Slack.

  • iCamp has the generous support a group of successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, savvy investors, and technology gurus, who are ready to help and guide our portfolio companies’ CEOs whenever needed. A selected example of the mentors include:


    Business Mentors

    Allen Wang

    •15 years of internet experience, Babytree.com Co-founder, CEO

    •Chief Market Officer of Google in Asia Pacific, senior executive in Yahoo and P&G, consultant at McKinsey & Company

    •BA, Tsinghua University; Master of Sociology, Columbia University; MBA Georgetown University

    Louis Yang

    •Co-founder and CEO of Musical.ly (now Tik Tok)

    •Product Director at eBaoTech, a global leading company in core insurance systems

    •Co-founder of ScrumCN

    •Co-founder of China’s first personalized T-shirt ordering ecommerce web site

    Xinyong Hu

    •Kika Tech co-founder, CEO

    •EMBA, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

    Haoyu Shen

    •2017 – Now, Hillhouse Capital, Partner

    •2011 – 2016, JD.com, CEO of Jing Dong ecommerce mall

    •2007 – 2011, Baidu, Senior Vice President

    •2001 – 2007, American Express, Vice President

    •1997 – 2000, McKinsey&Company

    •1997, MBA, University of Iowa

    •1992, BA, People’s University

    Frank Wang

    •Primavera Capital, COO and executive director, led and participated in investment and post investment management of multiple high profile deals, including Cai Niao, and Mingde Hospital

    •15 years of research and product management in Silicon Valley, extensive experience at Quantum, Novell, and Cisco Systems

    •China Research and Operation Director, Amdoc

    •BA, Beijing University

    •Master of Computer Science, University of Nevada

    •MBA, George Washington University

    Ying Zhang

    •One of the founding partners of China Broad Band Capital (CBC), invested in multiple high profile deals, such as Qihu, Yi Tiao, LinkedIn China, AirBnB, and Uber

    •China Netcom, General Manager of multiple functional departments

    •McKinsey&Company, early members of its consulting team in Beijing Office

    •Bachelor of Finance, Tsinghua University, School of Economics and Management


    Wei Gu

    •PICC Financial Services Ltd., President

    •People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), Vice President, focusing on claim management and innovation


    •Master of Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics

    Jeff Xu

    •Long Property & Casualty Insurance, CEO

    •Ping An Security, Assistant President

    •Ping An Financial Technology, Assistant President

    •Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance, Assistant President, responsible for sales and marketing, underwriting, IT, and personal line business unit at different point of time

    •eBaoTech Corporation, Co-founder

    •BA, Central University of Finance and Economics

    Jun Mo

    •Wan Ke Group, held various management positions, including Group Executive Vice President, CEO of Wan Ke Southwestern Region

    •Legend Group’s Raycom Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Executive Vice President


    •BS, Tsinghua University, majored in Architecture

    Min Wu

    •Jia Fu Cheng Asset Management Co., President

    •Legend Group’s Raycom Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Vice President

    •Legend Holding, Investment Manager

    •MBA, Tsinghua University

    •BA, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

    Sean She

    •Zhong An Insurance, General Manager of Direct to Consumer Business Unit, Travel and Commercial Line Business Unit

    •eBaoTech Corporation, Deputy General Manager, North Asia Business Unit,

    •IMBA, Hong Kong University,

    •BA, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

    Lee Li

    •i-Baby Group, CEO

    •Ernst & Young, Partner, head of China Retail and Consumer Industry

    •IBM Consulting, Head of Greater China Finance Advisory Service

    •BA, University of International Business and Economics

    •Master of Business, The University of Queensland

  • AI Technology Mentors

    Meng Wang

    •Amazon AWS AI Image Recognition, developer and head of Rekognition technology

    •Orbeus, Co-founder and CTO, acquired by Amazon

    Benyu Zhang

    •Cloud Brain, Founder and CEO

    •Top 10 Chinese AI scientist

    •19 year of AI research and work experience, worked at Microsoft Research Asia, Google, and Facebook

    •Over 150 US AI patents

    Eric Guo

    •Microsoft US Research, focusing on research of computer vision and AI services, led the development of multiple core computer vision technologies, including their application on driverless cars; also involved in the development of face recognition technologies, widely used in picture search, cloud service, and intelligent recognition areas

    •10 plus US patents in AI and computer vision

    •PhD Purdue University, under the guidance of Jan P. Allebach, and Charles A. Bouman, member of the US National Academy of Engineering, and IEEE follow

    Li Zhou

    •Kika Tech co-founder

    •Early member of Innovation Works, CTO of Wan Dou Jia

    •BS, Peking University, majored in mathematics; Master of Computer Science,


    Yutao Feng

    •General Manager of China Region, Ambarella, A Nasdaq listed company, leader in HD chip and solution design. Deep knowledge of computer vision and AI, and smart security intelligence

    •Many years in research and management experience in Silicon Valley, worked at C-cube, Microsystems, LSI Logic

    •PhD, Computer Science, Duke University

    •BS, Peking University, majored in Physics

    Chang Luo

    •Google, technical lead of machine learning, cloud, AI group, worked with Feifei Li and Jia Li

    •Prior to Google, worked at four startups in Silicon Valley as technical head

    •BS, Peking University

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